The Verb

Please check out The Verb Deluxe.

Reverb pedal kit based on Belton Digi-Log module. Bring reverb to your guitar rig with the Verb. Enclosure is 1.35" in height, 3.70" in width and 4.70" in length. We recommend a 9-volt adapter for use with this pedal.

What people are saying about The Verb:

"I didn't know that a digital reverb could sound so warm..." "Me and my son put this together on a Sunday afternoon. An easy build and sounds great!" "My amp has no reverb. I built this pedal and now it does!"

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Would this unit work on my analog organ ? What is the price ?
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December 13th, 2018
The Verb is a legacy product that is no longer available. Please check out the Verb Deluxe: This unit is designed for guitar levels so you might need to attenuate your organ's output for it to work without clipping depending on its levels.
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