The Saturator

The Saturator is an overdrive pedal kit that can cover a wide range of gain effects, transitioning smoothly from a massive clean boost to a warm and saturated distortion with the turn of a knob.

The saturation is controlled with the "Soak" knob, which dials in the amount of symmetrical soft-clipping applied to the guitar signal. When fully counterclockwise , the signal is unaffected and clean. Rotating the knob clockwise will incrementally increase the soft-clipping, morphing from a clean signal through subtle-to-heavy saturated overdrive sounds and straight into distortion territory. The "Level" knob sets the overall volume of the clean or saturated output. Unity gain is at roughly 8 o'clock. With the "Soak" set to clean, rotating the "Level" knob clockwise will increase the level to upwards of 30 dB.


Lead Sound Sample

The Saturator - Lead Settings

Blues Sound Sample

The Saturator - Blues Settings

Heavy Sound Sample

The Saturator - Heavy Settings
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Hello. How does this differ from the Thunder Drive? Thanks
Answers (1)
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October 28th, 2019
The Saturator uses a feedback style of clipping rather than the clip to ground style used in the Thunderdrive. The feedback style is generally referred to soft clipping whereas the clip to ground method is hard clipping. The Saturator also uses a mosfet while the Thunderdrive uses a transistor.
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