The Rattler

Distortion pedal kit that has that 60s and 70s fuzz. The Rattler measures 1.35" in height, 3.70" in width and 4.70" in length.

What people are saying about The Rattler:

"If you've never built an effects pedal before, this is a good starting point. It is simple to assemble and has easy to follow instructions. This is a straight up basic fuzz pedal that you can use to kick out the jams." "This is a mean little fuzz pedal. The Rattler certainly packs a bite!" "This is the first effects pedal I have ever bought from these guys, and I will be buying more."

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What are the effects of the different value capacitors included with the kit?
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Staff Member
March 23rd, 2018
The optional capacitors allow you to modify the high pass filter in the circuit. A greater value of capacitance will allow more low frequencies to pass, while a smaller value will block more of the lower frequencies.
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Is The Rattler still avaiable?
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August 2nd, 2018
The Rattler is a legacy kit that we no longer sell. If you are interested in building one without a kit, contact us at for info.
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