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The Erratic Clutch Deluxe is a unique effect pedal kit that gives you fuzzy square wave distortion as well as a monophonic sub-octave square wave using a total of only four transistors. The two signals can be used individually or mixed together for a raw and sonically rich synthy output. Full of character and quirk, this pedal will give you a truly original sound.

The middle knob is the bias control. This adjusts the pulse width in the initial fuzz stage of the pedal. Set this knob to fit your pickups and playing style. The closer to the center the longer the note will sustain but with that comes more chaotic tracking for the divider. Moving it more clockwise or counterclockwise will give you more predictable note tracking on the divider with less sustain. The middle will have a small area where the gating opens and noise comes through(position may change when using a battery).This is a good area to start and then slowly dial the knob away in either direction to find your sweet spot.

Circuit Block Diagram

Recommended Settings

Clean Note (for comparison)

Pure Fuzz

Sub Bass

Synth Drive

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Hi, my pedal is finished yet. So not working. I Must put the bias knob full and play very strong to get a small cracking in my ampli. So I checked all my copponet places and values. re soldering. checking the tension. and checking with your picture of a finished pedal. All is't good. In your shematic is't no indicated how many tension I must get in different point of the circuit, I think il't a good start to debug my pedal. My first opinion, the transistors are not saturing correctly. can you help me?
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October 15th, 2018
Yes. Send us an email and we can assist in troubleshooting:
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