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The Contortionist II kit is an all analog, high octane fuzz box. It produces fuzz with layered octave overtones similar to those produced by an electronic-bow. The frequency multiplier circuitry creates harmonics that swell and recede depending on gain setting, pick attack, neck position and pickup. This is a high gain circuit that can put out up to 2 volts and will provide ample amounts of sustain. The Contortionist II has all the features of the original Contortionist with an added tone control for a wider range of sounds, and an LED that lights up when the unit is activated.

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It looks like my kit came with a 5.6k resistor instead of a 1.5k for the tone pot. How much difference would this make? Do I need to source a 1.5k to make this function properly?
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August 13th, 2018
Please contact us at and we can get this fixed for you.
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